Help identify oddball

I was thinking of grabbing this female. Breeder says dame is super pastel fire spotnose and sire was leopard clown. But she looks nothing like her clutch mates and parents sorry i only have one picture of her. And no pictures of her parents or clutchmates


Her eyes look so pale…That feels off for a pairing that should be throwing only one pastel gene and nothing BEL complex. Has the mom been bred previously? Maybe from retained sperm?


Can the breeder provide a picture of parents or clutch mates though? What is the breeder selling this as?


Crazy looking snake! So the most it could be from that pairing would be: pastel, fire, spotnose, leopard het. Clown and that snake looks too bright even with some weirdness het influence from the clown. Heck almost looks banana! I think @armiyana may be on to something, it looks with the heavy dorsal stripe and the very crazy splintered side pattern it may have a bel morph, I was thinking lesser. Maybe there’s lesser in one of the parents? Also by the color and faded pattern near the tail I am wondering if yellow belly is in there as well? Try to dig for more info/pics on the parents and clutch mates, maybe we can find out some more info. Crazy cool looking python!


The guy selling her i seen at a expo and then found him on facebook. Ill ask for more info and pics but No one bought her at the expo so im thinking of dropping the 450 he wants for her. I feel she might produce something special in a few years. In your opinion is she worth it strictly from a breeding standpoint. And Dont they have genetic testing that tells you exactly what you have.


I personally wouldn’t get a snake for breeding without knowing at least the genetics from the parents that produced them. This whole situation throws everything into question about the lineage. The snake doesn’t seem to match with what they say the pairing was. So is it a misidentified morph in the parents? A different parent? Retained sperm? If so, can you count on any of the listed genes being there, or could it be something completely different? What would you sell their offspring as? I would answer these questions first.

Genetic testing can only be done for morphs where the genes have been discovered. It will be a long time before there are tests for morphs with less value or can be easily identified when parents are known.