Help identifying a very confusing big mix of morphs- 64 possibilities

64 possibilities according to the calculator. I wont do this pairing again :roll_eyes:

Parents =
Male Russo Pinstripe orange dream Yellow belly X Female Pastel lesser


Some side views:-





You can try to black light the bels to see if you can see a pattern… but great looking babies!

So obviously the two bels are at least lesser Russo.

From the top down on the photos with the side photos here’s my opinion…

  1. pastel lesser pin yb
  2. od pin Russo? (I don’t work with Russo so I’m not sure how it reacts specifically)
  3. pin yb
  4. pastel Russo? That photo I can’t tell yb
  1. Lesser Pastel Pin YB
  2. OD Pin YB
  3. Pin Russo
  4. Lesser Pastel YB

Let them shed out and it will be easier


Thanks, Sorry, I was too excited to wait, I will let them shed out and post more pictures

Thanks, they are pretty to me too - all of them. I will probably hold back 4 just because I like it so much.
But i want them all :roll_eyes: They all have something that pleases me. The lightness of 3, the wide stripe on 5 and the contrast on 6.
UV is not showing up much at the moment, a faint stripe on BEL 2 maybe. I will photo UV after the shed…


Wow! I like 4 the color and clean lines! I wonder if 5 didn’t have yellow belly as well, just because of the busyness of the pattern and so much flames, but I don’t know first hand much about the russo interaction with pin so I would defer to @t_h_wyman on that! Nice looking snakes! That black light trick is a great suggestion @steelserpents hope it helps you out!


@ascended! Those are some gorgeous babies!


My guesses:

  1. YellowBelly Lesser Pastel Pinstripe
  2. YellowBelly Orange Dream Pinstripe
  3. YellowBelly Pinstripe
  4. YellowBelly Pastel Lesser

Pleased do me a favour, I don’t think I’ve seen done before.
Will you blacklight the shed itself also?.. I wonder if anything shows up…:thinking:


Thanks, its the Infinite diversity in infinite combinations I love (well that’s a bit of artistic licence, but lots for this one if not infinite, but so many for all of the possible morph combinations there are) that makes this one and ball pythons generally special to me

:face_with_monocle: Intriguing thought, yes of course i will now, lets see.


Can’t help on the morphs, still learning them myself, but that is exactly the kind of chaotic/multi-results pairing I would love to do one day. Really is just spinning the wheel of fortune and seeing what you get. :rofl:

Edit: I love #3 by the way!


Oh that’s a good idea…
I have a super mojave and a banana super mojave that may be orange ghost as well. I wonder if the shed would show more pattern around the head under UV than the hatchlings themselves.


We’ve all been there :joy:

I’m excited to see them shed out. I really like number 4 as well! Beautiful clutch :slight_smile:


number 4 is killer


Beautiful clutch @ascended !

Congratulations :clap:


Here’s a Lesser Pinstripe that I hatched, looks similar to #5.


Any ideas what is causing the reduction of pattern into vertical dark stripes in this one?
Pin + Russo +OD maybe ?

Nice Pin, it does look similar. Thanks for posting and helping me.


@eaglereptiles I tried the skin in UV but it was too thin and difficalt to open out, I could only see where there was urine in it.
0 IMG_3635

Other UV pictures of the BELs

BEL 1 (Looks like 3 stripes in UV?)
Bel 1 a
Bel 1 b
Bel 1 c
Bel 1 d
Bel 1 e
Bel 1 f

BEL 2 (strange maybe paradox vertical stripes/marks)
Bel 2 a
Bel 2 b
Bel 2 c
Bel 2 d

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@t_h_wyman They have shed out now, new pictures as you suggested.

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

Number 6

Any ideas anyone, hope the after shed pictures help?
Original just hatched picture


That’s cool with the black light. I was expecting to hopefully see more pattern though, to see if pin was there. Maybe the last bel with the weird vertical stripes is a pin, the stripes being the vertical brown lines on pinstripes that can open up sometimes? That’s my best guess on the bels, sorry. I do still think 5 could be pin Russo yellow belly though. Beautiful clutch! A couple would be holdbacks here, that’s for sure!


Yes me too. Its just a big LED UV torch, maybe too much visible light in the magenta and blue.
I used to have both UVA and UVB with no visible light for florescent rocks, some would only glow under one or the other. I think I need a better UV light source, and different frequencies.