Help Identifying amphibian

Hey Morph community, I am new to this community and want to excel throughout it with different reptiles and amphibians. However, I caught a wild frog but I am having a hard time identifying it. If anyone is willing to help me I will add a photo once I get back to the house. If you can PM that will be perfect as well. Thanks!


I have a descent but of experience with it so just post a couple pictures that are clear and easy to see. Also keeping a wild frog may not be a great idea if you aren’t very experienced as they can crash really easily and may pass on potential problems to other reptiles or amphibians that you get… I would suggest you release it were you got it and get a captive bred frog from an expo. All my amphibians are wild caught so may seem a bit hypocritical but they were all rescues, my salamander had a hurt leg and still walks funny, I had got two frogs from my friend keeping them in horrible conditions and even after getting them back up to health and doing better one of them still died. My toads I have for a breeding project to try and get captive American toads into the hobby. If none of those are the reason for keeping the frog I would get a captive frog. I will definitely do my best to help though! Once I see the frog I can help you find a similar species that will do better in captivity if you would like! Welcome to the community!


Seems @logar is on top of things! Another thing to consider is your local laws if you are capturing and not just doing catch, ID, and release. Not all places allow for wild collection, and in some that do, it may require a fishing license or other permit. On top of that, if you can’t identify before capturing, you run the risk of ending up with an animal that could be threatened or endangered.

All that said, welcome to the community, we’ll do our best to help you with that ID!