Help identifying black head on Lavender

I got this boy as lavender black head 100% het pied to pair with my pied het lav female. I don’t have much experience with black head but know that you identify it by its dark head and overall color, since pattern looks kind of “normal”. How can you identify black head on lavender since there’s no black? Or in a dreamsicle?

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The short answer is, that snake looks nothing like a normal lavender. Lavender Albino gets it’s name from the ground color being a light lavender tone. Blackhead replaces all the lavender coloration with white.


This is a normal Lavender Albino.


Wow what a cool difference, I never would have guessed blackhead would be responsible for that (but I am very new to BP genetics)!


So you’re saying that his pattern does not correspond to a regular lav albino? And the white background is coming from the blackhead? And just to add He’s around 500gr, because the lavender/white color will change once he becomes fully adult right?

I took a few more pictures inside with just the light from the window. I don’t know if it fully shows but the outline of the alien’s head are like reflective golden, really pretty.


Yep, blackhead just removes the lavender base color and replaces it with white, as well as affecting the pattern. As far as the color goes, he is the color he is going to be.

A Lavender Albino without other genes will look like the one I posted (and they look like that from birth), when you start to add other stuff in, you’ll get different effects like the change of pattern and color seen in Blackhead Lavender or Confusion Lavender.

Side-by-side you would never confuse the two.

Maybe we can summon Ryan and see if he can show you some more photos because these types combos are what he focuses on. @biologicalcanvas this is also his username on IG if you want scroll his page and check out his BH Lav stuff.


Thank you for taking the time to explain this to me.

And thanks for sharing Ryan information, i just searched his IG and Wow! Awesome stuff.


Thanks for the kind words. Nice to pop in here and find such a notification.

Yeah, I totally agree with Don. What you’re looking for in identifying BH in a lav is increased white space. Blackheads create more black pattern throughout and when you inverse that into an albino it yields more white. In addition blackhead tends to deepen the yellow/orange color, and create more aberrant striping. Having them side by side the difference is very apparent but it can be more tricky to ID just looking at a single individual, as is often the case. I’d agree that yours appears blackhead based upon the more than normal white. And don’t worry, it will gain lots of lavender as it ages!

Here’s a cool recent video from Kinova talking about how well dark mutations work with lavender and can give you some good insight on what to look for:

I don’t have access to all my photos right now, my primary computer isn’t at my home anymore, and I hate typing on my cell phone, so I’m not around here as often as I used to be. Hope this helps though!