Help identifying black pastel

Please help identify. Supposely he is Black Pastel 66% het clown. I can see it but the pattern looks nothing like my other 2x Black Pastels with no hets.


Do you know the pairing?

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Unknown. Got this guy from NERD and they did not provide and info. Was answered with “we have 1000s of snakes” with every question I asked. Unfortunately a bad experience but it is what it is.

Well dang… he was sold as just a black pastel though?

As Black Pastel 66% het clown. I cant see het clown doing this but who knows.

I would say black pastel but they mix black pastel with several things so you may just have to prove him out.

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Got him to breed to my Razor and my Banana Clown het pied when ready, so time will tell. I should be able see what else is there between those pairings. Just have to wait hehe.

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Looks like black pastel to me. Just a bit more noisy in the alien heads. I’d chalk it up to polygenic variation. Which noisier black pastels tend to be favored in the market so I’d consider this a win.


That’s definitely a black pastel! If you bred it to your razor you will get als because they are allelic.