Help identifying genes

Can anyone tell me what traits are potentially in this female gecko I got? I ordered a tangerine but I got this cute lady instead.


Looks to be a normal. She also looks somewhat skinny. Have you contacted the seller yet?

I agree with @logar Logan. Looks like a wild type to me…make sure you contact the breeder and let them know that might not be the animal you ordered if it is not.

Can I get a picture of the top of you Leo? And what her name?

Tangerine is a very subjective term and has changed quite a bit over the years. When I was breeding geckos, this was the low end of the tangerine lines. And would possibly even be considered low grade hypo.
In current markets I would say this is more along the lines of fancy but ‘pet quality’. It’s much brighter and has less spotting than a wild type but in the pet hobby this is pretty common now.high yellows are harder to find now as everyone pushed towards tangerine and oranges.

There is a chance that this gecko is also stressed out so the colors may be a bit duller than expected.

If you are ordering a gecko based on ‘color’ and not on an individual photo, I would be very cautious. That sounds more like a wholesale reseller. And while some of them can be very knowledgeable, not all of them are and you’re taking a risk on not just possibly the wrong morph, but a more stressed out animal as well.