Help identifying genetics

I recently produced my first clutch pairing female pastel leopard to banana lesser het clown male. Im finding it hard to exactly determine the genetics of a few of the offspring so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
To complicate matters the female did lock once with a male GHI mojave which resulted in 1XGHI offspring, so both makes where successful as I also produced a banana.

I think i have 1x leopard 1x pastel leopard and a banana pastel leopard.


That’s pretty cool, for sure you have a dual-sired clutch there. What I see in the group photo, from the top left and working clockwise:

  • normal
  • GHI
  • lesser
  • pastel leopard
  • banana something
  • leopard GHI (which is probably the coolest of the clutch with those weird brown tones)

Thanks for the info. I thought the exactly the same but thought the one you think is leopard GHI as leopard mojave because of the deep browns but it also has quite a bit of freckling in the alien heads.

Hm, now that you say that, I think you might be right. Not what I was expecting with that leopard combo, that is a really neat snake.

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The three individual babies you have pictured appear to be a Mojave Leopard, a Leopard Pastel, and a Banana GHI


Thanks for the advice. I’m pretty sure the banana has no GHI though. I would say banana pastel leopard. The pattern is leopard especially towards the tail end and it has a washed out head typical of pastel.