Help identifying Leopard Geckos

These guys bred this season and the female layed 6 clutches I thought they where just SHTCT but turns out that one or both are Mack snow due the hatchlings and I’m hoping someone can help me figure it out.

Unless you got a Mack Super Snow from the clutch, their breeder was reliable and told you, and/or you have enough experience to tell at a glance (I definitely can’t), there’s no way to know if both of those guys are Creamsicles (Super Hypo + Tangerine + Mack Snow). Can you show the pics of the offspring? The adults both look like hypo tangerines to me, with a bit of Carrot Tail.

I doubt either gecko has snow in them. Both look like hypo’s to me. At least in those pics. Better pics would help a lot. Please post pics of the Mack snow hatchlings I’m very curious. Mack snows are very easy to spot once you’ve seen one verus any other morph.

I’m very curious to see pictures of the hatchlings.

The banded babies look pretty normal to me (as in probably hypo, etc.). That one guy at the bottom in the pic of the 2 babies is definitely interesting. Can you take clear pics of both eyes of the one with less yellow??

The pic with the 2 babies are a hypo and a Mack snow. The pic with one baby is a hypo. So one of the parents is a hypo Mack snow. Not a great example but it is one none the less.