Help Identifying Morph Please

Need help identifying the morph of the hatchling below, any and all help will be appreciated.

This Hatchling is self-produced.
This hatchling, hatched a few weeks ago.

Sire : Snow(Mack), Eclipse, Jungle, 100%het Albino(Tremper) ( Photo only for reference)

Dame : Albino(Tremeper), Eclipse, Jungle, White&Yellow (Photo only for reference)

Images of hatchling :


Updated the fotos of the eyes to be clearer.

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Oh my goodness he is really cool looking! Someone with morph knowledge will definitely come along to answer your questions! :+1::lizard::heart:

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Thank you very much, he/she is really cool looking can't wait to see how they develop.

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Looks like a snow jungle (stripe) het albino. Maybe white and yellow with how clean it is.

Can’t see the eyes well enough to really say eclipse tho.


Snow eclipse het tremper


Thank you very much

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