Help identifying morph - Silverstreak?

This is my girl Sucia. I was told she is Pinstripe Silverstreak. Silverstreak is black pastel x pastel or black pewter x black pewter I believe?

The pinstripe is easy to identify but from the silverstreaks I’ve seen, they are all…well…silverish grey. This one here is very brownish, no pattern…I just really don’t know what morph I’m looking at. Any help would be appreciated!


As Silver Streak is a Super Pastel Black Pastel a Pastel Black Pastel is a Pewter.

So a Silver Streak Pinstripe would be a Super Pastel Black Pastel Pinstripe.

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Thanks for clarification.

But I’m still left wondering on what my above girl is lol

She looks champagne to me more than anything

Your animal looks like a Pin Silverstreak to me.

Ball pythons under go ontogenetic-colour change. >90% of the pics you see of ball morphs are baby pics, pre-change. In some cases the change is mild, in others it is pretty extreme. Depending on the quality, it is not uncommon for Pastel containing animals to brown out significantly. And, when combined with the melanization that BlkPastel (or Cinnamon) confer, that browning can be even more dramatic

Appreciate it.