Help Identifying Morphs for my Cresties

I have two crested geckos, one a younger male, and the other a juvenile. I am relatively new to Crested geckos, and I do eventually want to get into breeding. What morphs are these guys, and are they worth breeding?
First two are the Juvenile (Penny) and the last one is the male (Riley)

Thank you!

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Your juvenile appears to be partial pin, harlequin, dalmation and the older one appears to be bicolour dalmation.

I would say both are pet quality but not breeding quality.

The older one looks to have a small head structure and juvenile has spots on pattern, if you was to breed either of them, I would only sell as pet only quality.

Alright, thank you! I was thinking pet quality as well, until I am able to get some nicer ones.

If your looking for breeders, then I’d recommend Geckos with lineage or you MAY find your limiting yourself to pet only geckos.

Spots are currently desired more on non patterned geckos.

Thank you, I’m definitely still learning about all the different morphs, and what is desirable. I’m also considering breeding to train some specifically to be emotional support animals, or just really nice pets.

Lil one is a harlequin partial pin Dalmatian and older is a dark phantom Dalmatian.

Dark one, paired to another dark with a big head could result in some lovely babs!

And the younger is what I call a ‘messy Crestie’ as it’s a morph but with spots added.
Though pairing to a Dalmatian could result in some lovely dals or super dals, and then the babies that have Harley etc in too would be less what people would want but you could sell as pet only?

So there is ways around what you have now!

Also you can’t ‘train’ them to be support animals. Unfortunately not like dogs cresties!
Just handle lots to chill them out and then you’ll have some lovely tame geckos. Though some keep in mind just don’t chill at all :sweat_smile:


Yes, like my chilli. He will not chill. I’m hoping after he has a support calm companion, that he might calm down too. If he doesn’t, I might sell him on. He is exactly what I want in looks but he just won’t relax and I struggle to hold him :pensive:

If I’m honest I’d still avoid breeding the bigger one as you may produce small head offspring, depends on which gecko has the stronger genes.

Regarding patterned geckos and spots, there is nothing wrong with it, in fact I have a gecko here who has a lot of pattern and spots. It’s just that breeders aren’t currently looking for it. I want a super Dal in future but I’d want it to be patternless so I can appreciate the spots more.

I love patterned geckos, they are my fav

Thank you!
Both of them are super chill, which I love about them.