Help Identifying Morphs

Took in these three when picking up some tanks. Brand new to crested geckos so the morphs are very unfamiliar to me. Was told yellow dalmatian, flame tiger, and a harlequin. Was jumped in Facebook groups for cohabbing them, they are all in sesperate enclosures.


I can’t help with morphs, but seperate enclosures is the right call :+1: sorry that others online didn’t tell you that politely

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They were already in separate enclosures, I probably should have worded this post better. Just wanted to note it so no one worries about them being cohabbed


Do you have any dorsal photos of the first one?
Based on these photos

  1. Phantom (partial) Quadstripe Dalmatian (could be a non-phantom since the tail doesn’t look too dark, but the pinstripe doesn’t look white, so a dorsal pic would help)
  2. Partial Pinstripe Harlequin with dalmatian
  3. Better photos of the laterals would help, but looks like a flame

Hopefully these help!

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The first one I would probably try to prove through breeding before I decided on anything - photos in natural lighting could also help. It looks like the pinstriping fades off into the base colour not far from the tail base which is a sign of phantom, but it also appears to have some white-looking pattern on the dorsal which phantoms typically do not have. The tail also doesn’t look as dark as phantom tails usually are, but it does have some muddying going on. Could be the lighting though. It could just be a low expression. But yeah, i would personally breed it out before I decided on anything, based on these photos. I have seen geckos that looked phantom prove out not to be and vice versa so it’s not always easy. If you’re not planning on breeding I’d probably just call him a pinstripe. I would still consider the other one a flame, could also be a harlequin depending on who you ask though it doesn’t matter a ton genetically speaking :blush:

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Thank you so much! I am hoping to breed the pos-phantom male, the other two are females. My goal is for super dals and red spot at some point. But I’m still working out my final end goal for structure and patterns. I greatly appreciate your input!

No problem! You’d have to pair him to a definite phantom to prove him out, since phantom is recessive, so phantom x phantom will only result in phantom offspring - If you want to work with super dalmatians, a phantom dalmatian/super dalmatian would be a good choice :blush:

First is a phantom dalmation. And beautiful!! :star_struck:
Not a quad or partial as won’t be full line either side or full one side and 2 lines other.

Second is a lavender Harley pin dash Dalmatian, again very pretty! POS tricolour but need fired up pictures.

And last is a nice cream Harley pin dash with dal spots! With tiger.
Shes not a flame. Flames only have dorsal markings and are higher in contrast to rest of Crestie. For example I had an orange and yellow flame dalmation, so was all orange but dorsal was yellow! Also dark with bright cream dorsals, few nice flames about like that atm! Even all red but yellow/cream dorsals. But it’s all higher in contrast x