Help identifying my morph

Hello community I’ve been sitting here forever trying to figure out what morph or genetics are in Riley he’s a male I bought him at pet smart and he was under “Fancy” ball python and to be honest this was the second snake I ever had and my first ball was when I was 11 I’m 30 now big gap I thought there’s only one anyways help please he’s got blue eyes as well if anybody can help that would be so awesome


It pains me to see a reptile labeled as “fancy” they don’t even put in the effort to correctly label it. I’m not experienced enough to know what that is without a pairing but I know that @saleengrinch @wrai are just a couple of our experienced bp people


Pastel and a BEL gene is what it looks like to me. Pastel Mystic or pastel phantom would be my guess.


Agree with @ballornothing, its definitely Pastel, and based on the eyes and the blushing, Pastel Phantom was where I was going with it as well. Good find, can’t wait to see it grow!


A pastel phantom is what it looks to be, does not have the normal pastel pattern sot here is definitely something else going on here, my guess is phantom.

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Thank you that’s amazing

Thank you So much

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More likely this is a Mojave Pastel, the hetBluEL patterning is a bit too strong for Mystic or Phantom


I just wann know it’s crazy all these different types of Bp I want a bel so bad I have him and my other I know I got her from a different store she’s 100 percent het albino even then i was lost lol times have definitely changed

I’d also say pastel Mojave :blush:

I’m with the others. Pastave (Pastel Mojave)

Agree with @ballornothing looks like a pastel phantom to me

I’m in the pastel mojave camp!


I’m thinking after looking at examples from both morphs combos that Mojave Pastel is highly likely as well, they look similar to Pastel Phantom but I saw too many Mojave examples with similar and more consistently in blush to be stuck on Phantom now. When it doubt, breed it out.

When I bought my Bumblebee she was labeled as a Fancy Ball Python. I asked to look at their log book for snakes. I knew what the snake was but cross checking their books confirmed they had a Bumblebee logged in.
It’s worth a shot to ask to see theirs.

Best not to mention your available animals in the forum. Too easy to misconstrue it as advertising.


Mojave Fire or pastel Mojave

Do we have.a finale collective decision community.

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Looks to be Pastave is the primary guess and pastel phantom is the runner up. But the only way to know for certain would be knowing the lineage or proving it out :slight_smile:

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