Help identifying my new babys 😊

Hi just wondering can i get any opinions on these 2 beautiful babys. Mother is black pastel pewter pinstripe and father is fire lesser. The silver 1 has me so confused :heart_eyes: it didn’t have its first shed yet but hasnt changed yet the other 1 has shed.


I would guess the silver would have to be lesser, black pastel, fire, pastel. And the other I want to say lesser, fire?


Ok thank you i used the genetic wizard but no pictures of babys like that so was unexpected :heart_eyes: im in Ireland so i think it might be rare here i dont even know if im selling them i wouldn’t know how much they go for ill probably keep them anyway :blush::snake:


I would holdback that silver one for sure! Breeding snakes in Ireland, that’s great! I like it!:+1:


Ya im definitely keeping that 1. im only at the beginning well second time breeding :blush: thanks for your advice.

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Cinnamon lesser

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I have one similar but is super pastel as well

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Thank you yes i think your right what do you think about the silver 1 :blush: