Help identifying possible hidden gene

Either I have a really, really pretty normal or I have a hidden gene I was unaware of. Dad is a Coral Glow Pinstripe, Mom is a Spider. I know what I think it might be but would like other’s opinions.

I have a CG sibling that also has a ton of blushing/flames that I suspect also carries the gene, hoping to prove out my suspicions someday.


I would say that looks like a wild type to me.

Agreed^ Nice normal.

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Looks like Y.B.

Belly isn’t clean enough for yb

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Damn, I was really hoping you’d reply that it looked like it could be Special. That’s what I was thinking it could be and I get the impression you’re pretty familiar with Special. Of course I know she’s probably a wild type intellectually, but her and her siblings display so much blushing that emotionally I can’t accept it :joy:

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I do work with it yes! Although it tends to be a more subtle bel gene I don’t think this particular snake is carrying the special gene. I also agree with @ghoulishcresties i don’t think it has a yellowbelly complex gene either.


This is a real stunner! :heart_eyes:

I’d keep this no matter what. If you ever need to add some fresh blood to a project then this is the girl for the job.


Thanks, she is staying for sure. There were too many in the clutch with great flaming and blushing to not at least see if it is genetic, and I don’t really want to breed mom again (other clutch from my male didn’t show the same blushing). Here is another from her clutch, just a single Coral Glow unless there really is something extra.


I searched a minute and found a picture of a single gene special I hatched also included is a mojave clutchmate for comparison. Sire was a crystal
Special is the second snake.