Help identifying this girl

Hey guys we picked this girl up yesterday. Only information we were given was axanthic. Do you agree and is there anything she looks like she could be? We are planning on sending her shed in

This is the same girl as your other post?
Yes. Yes. Pastel Axanthic.
@logar we now know the mystery of the neck color

I was really hoping my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. I wanted to say she looked axanthic in the other thread, but without any info on her the odds seemed less likely… and the photos will never look the way she does in person. But the photos looked a lot like how my axanthic photographs.

As an FYI, there are multiple lines of axanthic. So far I believe there’s tests available for 2 (TSK/Black Axanthic and VPI Axanthic) there should be another one coming soon but they’re working to finalize 1 or 2 more they’re working on. Odds are she would test as VPI axanthic as that tends to be the most common one.


It is but I didn’t want the other photos would get lost lol. We asked yesterday and he told us axanthic. Thank you!

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