Help identifying

Pairing was:
Sire - paradox banana enchi calico yellow belly
Dam - pastel

Trying to figure out what’s in there. Banana, and what else?

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I’m going to say Banana Enchi maybe YB.
Just a guess though.

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I agree with @eaglereptiles on this one because there is definitely no calico or pastel and as far as YB, well it can be hard to spot in bananas so while it is definitely a possibility it is hard to say for sure

Cool deal, it was sold to me as a banana, possible enchi yellow-belly. I was thinking also, the enchi was in there.

I am not sure if it has enchi. Normally they don’t get many if any spots and usually don’t have any lavenders. Instead they have almost a brown color. Here is a good example of what I mean;