Help ID'ing Desert Ghost

Hey everyone,
Wanted to get some opinions on this girl. She was sent to me as a pastel desert ghost, but she looks quite a bit like a regular pastel to me. I’m new to the Desert Ghost project…I know they get better as they age, but thought I would ask some of you who have more experience with the gene. Shes about 350 grams right now. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Looks very very pastel to me.


I dont work with DG so I could be wrong but it looks like a normal pastel to me.

No Desert Ghost in this animal, maybe het DG? But certainly not visual DG.

Absolutely not a visual DG.

Ok thanks everyone. That’s what i was thinking. Appreciate it.

Just to give you a better idea. This is a desert ghost, pastel desert ghost and super pastel desert ghost.


@wreckroomsnakes Showoff!! :grinning: Love those examples!!


@hinglesherps :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: thanks.

Dg is 4k vs 1080p. Yb vs yb dg

Could you keep us updated in the genetics , it they sold you a visual DG and is not that person should not be doing business at all


I got her in a trade deal with a guy in my area. After chasing down some more info, apparently there was a mix up and this girl is supposedly Pastel OD het DG. Obviously can’t trust that, so we’ll just have to wait and see what she actually produces before we find out what she is. But thanks for all your help. Also, @wreckroomsnakes those look awesome!