Help ID'ing her morph

Got this girl as a rescue. She was in pretty bad shape, covered in more and had some scale rot. The person I got her from had no clue about her besides a friend telling him it might be a “orangasm”. So any help in identifying the morph that would be great!! Thank you in advance!!

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That’s a hypo. Very nice color.

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Quick question Wes, are salmon and hypo the same?

Salmon is a lineage of hypo. All salmons are hypos but not all hypos are salmons. The other well-known lineage is the orange-tail hypo. They can’t be reliably told apart visually. We would need to know her lineage.

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Thank you. Unfortunately I got her from a pet store that has very unreliable paperwork for their pets, my wife was told she was a salmon but I guess I’ll never know.

Thanks, do you see anything else possible? Also would you know the possible locality? I know now days it is hard to be sure they are not crosses but just a general idea. Thank you.

That is a nice Hypo, how has she settled in?

She has settled in great, super friendly and just an awesome girl. Still little unsure on the locality though