Help IDing morphs?

I desperately need some help IDing these guys morphs as I have absolutely no clue :face_with_spiral_eyes: all three are rescues with no morph info given. TYIA!!

This girls name is Princess, she originally came cohabitated with Duke but we separated em real fast and are now working on getting her nice and plump again [not too plump though.]

This is Duke, i think he might be a normal type but i literally have no clue :face_with_spiral_eyes:

This is Billie Jean, She came in ages ago and was actually surrendered as a male named bill before we were corrected by the vet.

TYSM for any help! <3


Awwwwwww @lonelylizard Those guys are so skinny! Except for Billie Jean! I can’t help you with the morphs but I can wish you the best of luck in restoring their health! They might have a calcium deficiency maybe? But I am no expert so others here will probably just in soon…….:pray:


I know! If you can believe it poor Princess came in even skinnier than the pictures! Duke is doing great and is super close to his goal weight, Princess still has quite a way to go but she eats like a champ so hopefully she can continue her smooth ride getting to a healthy weight. They’re both steadily improving and get calcium with every meal and sometimes a little bit of vitamin powder. [They also came in SUPER close to impaction but thank the lord they both passed the substrate!] Poor leos just get treated as disposable way to often it seems. :frowning: I hate some of the things you see when you work in animal rescues.


Well it sounds like you are doing the very best for them @lonelylizard! Yes it is very sad to see helpless animals in a neglected situation. It actually hurts me more to see an animal hurt by a human than a human in distress. If that even makes sense.

God bless you for coming to the aid of those cute little Leo’s! :pray::heart:


I am horrible with Leo morphs but at least to me princess appears to be a hypo and duke a normal


Based on the appearances:
Princess looks to be a hypo, although close to super hypo
Duke is a normal morph
Billie Jean has a reduced pattern but with some cute bold markings! She’s just a couple too many spots for me to say hypo tho.

Anything else is pretty impossible to say since it involves knowing more on the lineage.