Help ID'ing Please and thank you

Pairing was Bumblebee X Butter. I see spider in a few and a couple are throwing me a little. Makes me feel there is pin and possibly more happening but she never paired with my Pin this last season…


That third one is definitely a pinstripe, so it looks like she probably kept some sperm from the last time you bred the pin to her, or one of your snakes is a pin and you didn’t know it.


My guess:

  1. Butter
  2. Pastel possible pastel butter
  3. Butter spider ??? ( maybe as @ashleyraeanne said and pin is unknowingly in the mix )
  4. Butterbee pastel (butter, pastel, spider)
  5. Pastel butter
  6. Bumble bee

I like how the pin stripe has a lot of the clown like drops in its pattern, lovely snake

Maybe it is butter spider, but it would be one of the cleanest butter spiders I have seen. If they test for a wobble then that would tell us.

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Using eaglereptiles numbering system, I see:

  1. butter
  2. normal
  3. kingpin
  4. butter spider or queen bee (leaning towards queen bee)
  5. butter pastel
  6. bee

This is the mother and father. The mother is the butter and the father is the Bumblebee.

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Have you ever bred the female to a pinstripe? And can you check for any wobble in the one that looks like a pin?

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@ashleyraeanne I have not breed her to my pin ever. Her last pairing was beginning of 2018 with a previous owner. None are showing any signs of wobble but the father doesn’t have a wine either.

She must have been paired with a pin by the previous owner, because one of her babies definitely has pin, and I definitely do not see pin in the female or the male she was bred to this year.

Here are some other babies to compare.

This is a butter spider pastel

And this is a butter pinstripe.
The one baby is definitely a pin. It isn’t a spinner either.

@ashleyraeanne definitely agree, I am just at a loss as to how the pin came in lol.

It is a gorgeous pin so I would keep it if I were you lol. Maybe ask the previous owner if he bred her with a pin at some point?

Ya she is and of all the babies only the normal and butter are males, the other 4 are females :grin:


Keep all the females. At least I would those are multigene females, and invaluable to a growing collection.


Still debating on that lol only one I might keep us the 3 Gene one