Help IDying plus banana male maker question

So I had a clutch of 9 babies. Only 2 are males and those two are the regular bananas. Now I have what I think is a banana butter but it is a female. So with a banana father is that possible? Pairing was Male banana enchi pastel butter to a normal female.


1 Enchi
2 Butter Enchi
3 Butter
4 Pastel Butter Enchi
5 Banana Butter Enchi?
6 Pastel Butter
7 Banana
8 Banana
9 Pastel Enchi Butter

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It’s possible for a crossover to happen during meiosis, leading to a “male-maker” passing on banana to a female


Even with a banana male maker there’s about a 5% chance of getting a female. If you do get a female, when you breed her she will have approx 50/50 male/female babies. Any males from her will be female makers. It’s a weird sex linked gene. There are lots of good articles/references about it online and I’m sure probably on here too. I just don’t know how to do the attached link to previous thread thing. Lol

Otherwise I would agree w your assessments based on the pics you sent.


yes definitely possible. I had two cluches of banana babies last year and there was a single female in each

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I have hatched a female from a male maker as well.

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Perfect! Thanks again everyone!