Help indentify first ever ball python babies!

Hey guys,

I hatched out my first ever clutch of ball python babies about 2 months ago. Now I have a few established on F/T and live and feel they are ready to move on.

I need help identifying the morphs. The parents are an Orange Ghost Pastel X Orange Ghost.

I’m blind and want to make sure I advertise them correctly. :slight_smile:
Any one able to tell what these guys are?

I had my vet sex them for me, and was told #4 was really pretty.

What do you guys think?


BP 1 normal



I think

I think your right but you shouldn’t get normals from this pairing unless one of the parents were actually het orange ghost instead of orange ghost.

According to the morph calculator, half should be Orange Ghost, and half should be Orange Ghost Pastels.

Hi guys,let me give you some background on this clutch.

The father of this clutch was bought off of @john.
These are some of Blazes babies.

Do you happen to remember what Blaze looked like @John?

The female was bought from Garrick DeMeyerr.

We can try to get pictures of the parents if it looks like something might not be as thought.

From the pics BP 1 looks normal to me. BP 3 is Orange Ghost and BP 4 is Orange Ghost Pastel.

I agree with @jones81. 1 - normal, 3 - pastel, 4 - pastel orange ghost. It looks like one of the parents wasn’t a visual orange ghost, probably just a het.

3 is a pastel

I’m a little disappointed that the pairing wasn’t what I thought it was, but here’s some old pics of the parents.

Please let me know if you can ID from these pictures, or I can try to get some newer ones in the next few days.

Here’s mom, (Bought as an Orange Ghost from Garrick DeMeyer)

Here’s dad, thought he was a pastel orange ghost, but maybe he’s a pastel het orange ghost?

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That looks like a ghost, the pastel must be the het ghost because your not supposed to get normals when both parents are visual ghost.

I’m having the same problem…

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I agree with sick… The pastel ehhh I dunno It has some fading and blushing, but the black bands just seem to dark to me… It does have that orange-ish tint that I’ve seen on animals that are het ghosts. If both parents were In fact ghosts no way would you get a normal out of the clutch. Or even just a plain pastel. Everything should of been a visual ghost or pastel ghost.

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Thanks for the help everyone! I’ve got 2 more from this clutch I hope to get pictures of soon! Maybe I’ll hit all the odds and get 1 of everything. LOL

You guys have been great, thanks again!

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Hey everyone,

I finally got the last 2 of this clutch established, and wanted to see what ya’ll thought they morphed as.

Remember, the parents are orange ghost X pastel HET orange ghost

Here’s the first one:

Here’s the 2nd one:

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Anyone able to help ID these last 2?

If a certain picture would help, just let us know.

I’d say BP2 is a pastel ghost and PB5 is a pastel het ghost

Great babies! :+1:t2:


I agree, they are some nice looking babies also.

Thanks for the help!

Not bad odds at all.

We’ve gotten 1 through 4 to switch to F/T, 5 is being a stubborn girl!