Help indenting

I think it’s Mojave spider? No idea of lineage.

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Hard to say if it’s Mojave specifically but I’d say a BEL gene and spider for sure. Pastel is a outside possibility as well.

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No mojave. Just a spider BEL. I don’t think it is bright enough for a pastel.

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Isn’t a spider bel, as it would be all white. Mojave is a gene in the BEL family, which is what the above was saying.

Right :woman_facepalming:t3: sorry lol

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I would say you have just a BumbleBee (people never really account for how Pastels brown out with age)


I’m saying Lesser Bee. I have a Queen Bee and she is still very yellow from the pastel.

I’m on board with this :point_up:

Thanks! I’m looking on MorphMarket and they are very similar.