Help!is this scaleless corn bloodred or just a regular one?


The best people to help would be @solarserpents and @caryl. I hope that this helps :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Well, it’s a lovely snake :heart_eyes:. Do you have any info about its parents?

I do not see any ventral checkers at all, though it’s hard to tell for certain from these pics. There’s some lateral blurriness on its sides; the saddles sort of vanish at their bottoms. This blurring will become more and more pronounced as the snake matures. These factors would be consistent with it being Diffusion/Diffused.

“Bloodred” is an older term which gets used rather confusingly. It has at times (especially back when Diffusion first being produced in a wider variety of genetic combinations) been used as synonymous with Diffused. The original Bloodreds/Bloods were striking, rich red with very little if any dorsal pattern, and an absence of belly checkers.

Hope that helps!



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I’ve been waffling back and forth on this one. Can you post a picture of his head? Identifying morphs with scaleless can be tough!


Agreed!! I’m leaning Diffusion mostly because of the belly. The dorsal pattern is so malleable with Scaleless, it’s really hard to say.

@maxinemaaax, how was the snake identified when you got it?

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