Help! Issues with eggs in incubator

Put a clutch of 8 in the incubator on June 4th. All eggs had veins and a yoke. Day 54 will be in 5 days so today I decided to check on them. 7 were plump and white and no mold. 1 was slightly dimpled with no mold. I found this a little odd since in my other incubator, eggs tended to have noticeable dimpling by this time. I decided to candle each eggs and all have veins and looks like there really hasn’t been much growth. By this time my eggs have a nice size bp in there. I checked my logs and it has been 88deg with 96%+ humidity the whole time. Again eggs are pearly white plump with no mold. Did this clutch die on me? I would of thought they would of rotted by now. I’ll wait 60 days if need be but i am confused. Any input would be much appreciated.

They won’t look super full when you candle, not that abnormal for the eggs not to dimple. Stay the course :+1:

Edit to add: Unless they crash don’t throw them out, 60 days is an estimate. If temps fluctuated or were low for a period it can take more time.


No, you’ll wait until they hatch, not some arbitrary number of days. These are eggs, they don’t have a set hatch time even if you keep all your stats the same. Incubate until there’s no debate is the general rule. Too many people get panicky and impatient, which is how you end up doing more harm than good. Just leave them and they’ll do their thing. If the eggs were bad and the embryos had died, they’d start to smell.


If they’re still white and have veins then it sounds like they’re doing just fine. You’ll definitely be able to smell it if they’ve gone bad (current clutch had 2 die off pretty late in, won’t know why until they all hatch and I can get to those without disturbing the others).

If it makes you feel any better, though, my past clutches have hatched on day 77, day 64, and I’m currently waiting on one @ day 65 (granted, I incubate at a lower temp, but still), so I wouldn’t be too worried.