Help! Lesser Clown Clutch ID

Hello! This is my first season producing anything besides normals and leopards, I think I know what these are (mostly) but I wanted some second opinions.
First batch is leopard clown x firefly lesser het clown

22-0401 firefly lesser clown

22-0402 pastel lesser clown

22-0403 firefly lesser leopard clown

22-0404 pastel lesser (leopard?) het clown

22-0405 fire lesser leopard clown

22-0406 firefly clown

22-0407 firefly (no eyes little cutie)

This one is a leopard clown x black pastel pinstripe het clown, I think its a black pastel leopard het clown

and last but certainly not least, this little fella.
Pairing was a leopard clown x pastel champagne het clown, pos calico + black pastel.
I’d say she definitely proved out black pastel. I think this is a black pastel calico clown? I haven’t been able to find anything like it in MorphMarket history.


Beautiful snakes. Love clown combos sooo much!

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Thank you!! I hit some very good odds on my clowns this season

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Yes to leopard

I agree to the rest of the identification

Thank you very much!

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