Help me figure out what ball python to buy

Sorry for spamming you guys with so many posts haha

But I’m looking to buy a new bp and have some good capital to do it! So I thought I’d get the wisdom of my peers on the choices.

1 female Mojave, pos het albino, pos het pied
1 male banana, lesser, ghi

My thoughts:
Since I only have one boy and one girl I think the logical choice is to go for a female bp. Something that will work well with my male. I want to invest in at least 1 recessive gene probably pied or clown. But then I have to figure out the other genes. I would like at least two or three genes in addition to the recessive gene. The question is should I invest in enhancer genes like OD, YB, enchi, etc. Or genes to mix up the pattern like leopard, spotnose, cinnamon, black pastel, etc?

What do you guys think? I appreciate all feed back immensely as I have been scouring motphmarket For months. Thinking of possibilities.


Well the most important thing is to find a female that works around your male as well as the budget because females are also decently more expensive than a male with the exact same genes. In all honesty whatever you choose as your female will still hold its value or even appreciate immensely. If you want to go the recessive route depending on your budget clown or pied are great projects to work with as they will always be popular and hold value.

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The perfect snake is the one that YOU like and will fit YOUR vision, what do you want to produce? Where do you see your breeding venture 5 years from now?


Oh I know I’m just looking for combo ideas I haven’t thought about yet. You know just brainstorming

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Well how big are your animals currently and would you be willing to grow up a nice female or get whatever is able to breed quickest?

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I mean breeding size is preferable but I’m more than fine to raise up a fanstaic lil baby

I recommend getting your hands on the nicest juvenile to baby you can with the genetics you want plus a few extra genes if you can afford it. For example, a female adult pied at minimum will run you between $1000 to $1200 and keep in mind this is for a normal pied. Now, you could turn around and get a baby female pied that has two or three extra genes on top of the pied and when she is a adult you will have a genetic powerhouse. This female with the extra genes will also shoot up in value every year so not only is it the smarter choice to get a baby but it is also a long term investment.


Looking for adults or near breeder size females, limits your options and money becomes a factor. I think it’s a good idea to want to invest in a recessive , if you have the patience. As for ideas. You’ll know it when you see it or think about it.

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