Help me ID please

Hi, we picked this “squadron” up a while back and when we picked up these snakes the guy who sold them to us said the 2 younger ones were mojave spider yb, the dad was a mojave specter yb paradox(however i know specter yb makes superstripe) I dont believe the dad is specter and yb at all, and he said the mother is a spider, but it may have more. So with all that being said. I know the picture of the dad isnt the greatest, but its all i have right now as hes being paired right now to an ivory girl because i want to find out if he really is yb or specter lol, I do believe the dad to be mojave, and obviously the mother is spider, however the 2 offspring from this pairing look similar in coloring but have major pattern differences and im leaning more towards fire being in the mix, especially with the mother… I believe her to be a fire spider and that one of the offspring is a fire spider pos yb/specter and the other offspring to be a mojave spider pos yb/specter. Please let me know what you think and if better pictures are requested it will have to be in a few hours when the wife wakes up and I can get in the snake room lol.


Offspring 1 maybe the fire spider

Offspring 2 maybe the mojave spider


Hmm, personally not seeing the fire in the spider girl you have there, but then again it can be a pretty hard one to pinpoint… any chance that one baby is a spider yellow belly?

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But then again fire is known to really clean up patterns and given how busy the dad is, it is totally possible fire is in there, just not seeing the lightened colors/clean pattern in the mom, but the babies are super clean. So the tl;dr is that my comments are not as helpful as I wish they were lol!

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Here is a Mojave spider I had and a Mojave spider pastel yb I believe

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I have a new theory since I cannot confidently confirm fire being in the mix and probably wont know unless proved out other wise, I believe offspring 1 to be a spider yb/specter and offspring 2 is a mojave spider yb/specter

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First one popping its head out from same pairing clutch

So I spoke to to the guy who I got all these animals from and I confirmed with him he had mis ID’d the dad and the 2 OS in the picture, stating the dad pictured isnt even the sire of the 2 OS, and that the dad pictured is in fact not a mojave specter/yb paradox, but a bamboo paradox, and now I have absolutely no clue who the sire to the 2 OS are :rofl::joy: