Help me ID this spotnose clown clutch

Pairing was Fire Spotnose Het Clown x Super Pastel Clown. Just going over the clowns from this clutch first. They are all just out of the egg two days so haven’t shed out yet. Here’s my thoughts:

  1. Firefly Spotnose Clown
  2. Pastel Clown
  3. Pastel Clown
  4. Pastel Fire Clown

Anyone who’s hatched out firefly and/or spotnose clowns care to comment? What in your opinion is important to look at?

All together:

Bonus photo of a pile of 100% hets:


I think you’re dead on with your ID’s. Your pastel clowns look great, almost like supers! Congrats!


Thanks! Now I’ve got to sort out the hets… I didn’t realize how much the pastel would complicate things. But as I’m getting input and seeing more and more examples I’m starting to get it. At least for the visual clowns I think I pretty much have it down.

het 1:

het 2:

het 3:

My thoughts:

  1. Firefly
  2. Firefly
  3. Pastel
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I agree with that

Well, if that’s the case, then I guess sometimes the odds are for you:
(and you hit exactly what you wanted: at least one male firefly spotnose clown out of 7 eggs
[~1/3 odds])

But sometimes they’re really against you, all in the same clutch:
(and less than 2 spotnoses pop out of 7 eggs
[1/16 odds])

I’d rather have it this way than reversed though. Love this guy!


Yeah, most of the time it really takes a large number of eggs before odds start looking like anything you’d expect. For me I like to just forget them completely, I feel like if I consider or wish for anything I’ll just jinx myself haha. Got to be happy with whatever crawls out!


Haha, yeah I feel ya. I’m pretty sure I jinxed myself this year, but I’m definitely quite happy overall. Everything I’m working on is moving in the right direction.

I can’t help but at least work out the odds though; I’m just a math and science nerd like that! :rofl::nerd_face:


The method of the realization that the math works per egg and not the size of the clutch helps with thebdissappointment aspect…MOST not all think its per clutch but the odds are per egg

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Yeah it’s cool to work out the odds over an entire clutch. It does really change your expectations to look at the clutch odds vs. per egg.

Per egg the odds of a male Firefly Spotnose Clown for this pairing was 1/16, so with 7 chances the odds to get at least one works out to be just above 1-in-3 clutches. So I was kind of lucky.

Per egg the odds of missing a Spotnose was 1/2, basically flipping a coin. But to miss it either 6 or 7 times in the whole clutch was a 1-in-16 clutches odds. Like flipping a coin 7 times and having heads only come up once at most. So that was really unlucky.

The only reason Easter is exciting is because we dont know whats in the egg…pretty much the same thing and the suspense is half the appeal…especially on the first few

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I can not help much with the id, although I agree with what you came up with. I will say, the hets are amazing, and #2 pastel clown gets my vote. The dorsal pattern is killer! Nice job