Help me identify my amazing children

The first gecko is a female names Chica, ththe 2nd is a much larger female named Freya, and the 3rd is a large male named Odin. Would love any possible information you could give me on them.


Chica looks like some kind of paternless or other pattern reducing gene although I don’t know which kind. She also seems to have 25% carrot tail. Freya is an aberrant pattern normal. Possibly jungle but doesn’t look like it. And finally Odin is some kind of snow with no way to tell which line, but there is a high chance that it is mack snow. All of them are beautiful and I love Odins name.

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Chica looks to me like an Aberrant Hypo Tangerine with a bit of Carrot tail. Freya looks like a Banded Normal. Odin also looks like a Banded Normal, though lighter in color. He might be a 1-copy Mack Snow.