Help me identify my new baby gecko

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If your worried about stressing too much, maybe try a humid box for 10 mins a day to loosen it up, your gecko may get it off by itself if kept humid enough.

And yes your Crestie is a harlequin with portholes. Harlequin are common now, but if it’s a pet then traits don’t necessarily matter too much, however if your planning to breed, then if suggest to do research on traits.

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Does it count as harlequin and not flame because it has a tiny amount of orange pattern on the legs? From morphpedia:

"Harlequin crested geckos are like flames, but with more pattern. Harlequins will show pattern along the lower laterals and limbs. "

“Flame crested geckos will have a base colour with a lighter colour along the dorsal. Flames will show little to no pattern on their laterals or limbs.”

(I thought the gecko in this post had what is called “little pattern”.)

If you look at the second pic, the back foot and what I am calling knee area are different colours and again further up the same leg, the pattern is light again, therefore is a harlequin. Flames will show practically no pattern on the tummy, feet and legs

I believe this Gecko is fired down in the pics, correct me if I’m wrong, in which patterns don’t show up as much. If fired up in the pics, which I doubt, would be classed as a low expression harlequin

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This is what’s confusing: “little to no pattern” and “practically no pattern” - does that mean no pattern, AT ALL? Or does it mean “there might be faint/low pattern”? :laughing:

And where do you draw the line… Yeah, I know it’s fired down and therefore difficult to make out the pattern…

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There’s also patterning on the side if you look.

Flames have dorsal patterning only, rarely portholes.

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Also it’s had flame in somewhere or even the parents as the back patterning has no pinning. Which usually means flame in the line.

So why doesn’t it say “flames have no pattern on the sides and limbs”?

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I don’t blame you, is hard to tell sometimes and wording isn’t always clear.

I usually ask for fired up pics before I comment, as it’s easier to tell… but I could see plenty of subtle pattern on the legs & feet making the gecko a harlequin whereas a flame would have no pattern to minimal pattern on the legs.

If you go to morph / traits guide there is a pic of a flame Crestie showing the lack of leg pattern (this gecko is fired up)

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Flames can have a small amount of pattern on the legs, but it would be extremely minimal

Right :slight_smile: thanks to you both for being awesome and answering my questions. You are way better than me at this <3

So flame and bicolor are nearly the same? No pattern and lighter dorsal. Though some of the bicolors in morphpedia show pattern on the dorsal but not on sides and legs, just like flame.

OP, sorry for highjacking your post.

If you’re in about my girl Starburst who’s now with Retics and Reptiles, she has no patterning. She lost it all :grin: True flame bless her. Gutted I sold still :joy:

But this was her before leaving me.


Not the same no.
Flame has a bright back dorsal with the the ‘flame’ patterning.

Bicolours are a 2 toned gecko, bright red body with a paler dorsal for instance :blush:

Naruto is a good example


Alright, that’s what I thought. So some of the pictures under “bicolor” are wrong.

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A lot of the crested gecko ones are still wrong and not been changed yet…


One of the best looking geckos I’ve ever seen. Such a dream.
Yeah, he’s a good example of bicolour.


Bi-colour is more similar to a phantom if that helps?

A lot are wrong on morphpedia, we have been trying to get them corrected, but it’s a slow process

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Patternless, phantom etc… all related :smirk:

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Tbh, I think all morphs, traits & patterns need to be looked at once we understand the genetics a little more.

Would be nice to have a clear and consistent guide

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Yeah, they are all the same gene, different expressions each with its own name. Patternless, bicolour, phantom.

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And that’s why when mixing you get them all out.
Also wild type! I keep looking at them, a friend has one, so so so would love one here… May be able to borrow him though! :grin:

Phantoms are the fav, Naruto is going to penny, hoping for some more phantom quads and lillies :smiling_face_with_tear: