Help me Identify my Reticulated Python?:)

Hi my name is Matt, I have rescued this retic from a hording, neglect situation. He has been to a doctor and is getting back to tip top shape. He is very friendly and well mannered, I handle him sometimes daily or every other day. I’m having trouble trying to find out what he is exactly. I know he is a male but that’s about it. If anyone could help I’d be very grateful.

These are mixed pictures from when I first got him to around now. If I need better pictures just let me know and I’ll get them uploaded. Thanks a bunch.

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Not a retic it’s a boa, Albino Boa :wink:


Concur not a retic


He is some morph of boa. Looks like a Kahl albino to me though. He has something else in him it seems.