Help me identify this morph please?

Hey Guys

Can anybody help me identify this leo? She was given to me and the previous owner knows nothing of her genetics.



Can I please see a photo of her from above, showing the dorsal pattern?


Also pics of it’s eye’s. I have a feeling it’s an eclipse of some type.

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Thank you so much for the reply!

Here’s a picture from above.

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You guys are legends. Thank you.

Here is a pic of her eyes:


Her eyes are insane. I know someone will be able to help ID her, but I just wanted to say she’s gorgeous!

Ugh, so cute!!

It’s an albino that’s for sure. What line not 100% sure. No eclipse the eyes have no solid red area. The high white sides and odd pattern are making me think there could be W/Y but a bad example of it. That’s a hard one. Going to have to think on this one a bit.

it looks like a temper albino to me. No other dominant genes appeared.

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An albino for sure, you’d only be able to know the strain by test breeding. Given that she’s female, that would be quite the undertaking!

You’d need to see both eyes to know for sure if she was an eclipse or not, she may have snake eyes.