Help me identify

New here! Hello :wave: can anyone help me identify this snake? Would this be considered a pied bald?

Thank you


First off welcome!
And secondly yes that’s a pied :blush: just a low white one.
Did previous owner/breeder not tell you morph?


Welcome to the community!
That snake is a piebald. The morph is called piebald, sometimes shortened to pied.


Hello and thank you. I actually just got this one from a friend of a friend. He didnt tell us much about it just gave it to us because we already have 2 :woman_shrugging: This is my Ball and Black eyed Lucy. Other than that I dont know much about this one.

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Great! Thank you for your response :grin:

Beautiful Snakes! Black eyed Lucy is a beaut :star_struck:

Thank you. Ive had him/her just over a year! Starting to gain some nice weight. Wish I knew more to breed. They are all just my pets.


There’s some amazing people on here who can help with breeding and what to do and not to do! Also with incubation etc. Always happy to help here :blush:

First off would be sexing!
I used to ‘pop’ mine. I only have the one now but when we had them we popped to check sexes.
That’s something we learnt from a breeder who showed us in person on a few of his, along with videos online we watched. Any breeders near you who could help?

Oh wow! I’ll look into it. We do have a breeder about 30 mins away from me. Ill take it there! Do you have any idea how much these snakes are worth? How much do they go for?

Ooh yes! Keep us updated.
Check out the morphs on morph market, that will help you with what they’re worth, you can change region up top left by the logo.
Here’s a link to some black eyed Lucy’s and pieds to help :blush:

Welcome to the community, and beautiful pied!