Help me with sexing this leo

Hey everyone! I wanted to ask you guys on sexing one of my babies. Originally they we going to be a holdback, but this “female” is looking more male to me, especially with the pores. What do you think?


Oh my gosh she/he is Italian! :joy:

Also the pores on these are confusing as females can still have them as you know. It’s the Same as fat tails which I have now, no longer own leos. One of my females actually has pores that look like my males! Where as my other females have less/lighter pores.
So whilst above it looking male, that’s exactly what my female has!
I think @erie-herps and @mblaney may be able to help.


How old is this babe and how much does it weigh? Can I have a side view of the area where the pores are? It’s looking female to me because I don’t see much of a “bulge” where you’d expect there to be one. But it also could depend on the age of this babe and weight. Sometimes the bulge doesn’t appear until a certain time.


The bulge is telling me female the pores are telling me male. I agree that more info and pictures will help.


I’m going to say female, but more pics are warranted. Especially a pic directly from the side, in profile, of the area surrounding the vent. How old is this gecko? It’s possible it’s an immature male if it’s fairly young, I think.

Though it’s late in the season, it’s possible that, if you gently examine her/his abdomen, you will see eggs (fat bodies can sometimes be misinterpreted as being eggs so you’d want it to be very obvious). If you do then that’s another way to answer the question.

Another possible way to tell would be to see how a verified, adult male reacts to this gecko. Only do this if you have a physical partition (ideally see-through, with lots of holes, but sturdy), as i have seen males take insane flying leaps to attack other males. If the verified make rattles his tail, this gecko is almost certainly female. If the verified male stands up tall and tries to attack, this gecko is probably male. Make sure your hands and any surface you place them on for this have been cleaned so that there are less likely to be lingering pheromones from a totally uninvolved gecko.

Here is one of my males, Ochocinco (Who Dey!). You can see the excretions coming from his pores (not always present but a dead giveaway if there). He was being a wiggle-worm & wouldn’t let me get a good shot from the side.


This one has been so confusing for me XD here are some pictures from the side and the top. They really don’t have any bulges like my other confirmed males. I was comparing with my other adult females and some did have pores that looks like this baby.

After staring at her for a while I’m getting a feeling that she’s female, although I could be completely wrong XD she’s lighter in color, and seems to have a less bulky head than I’m used to seeing on males.

She was born 5/27/21 and is 36 grams. She was TSF. I did carefully introduce her to some of my adult males (under very close supervision and barriers) and they did absolutely nothing. Thanks a lot boys XD


I would say female but it could be easier to tell with age.