Help morph identification?

Someone please help me figure out what morph this ball python is!! I looked up pastel enchi pinstripe piebald but I don’t think that’s the actual morph, help me out with price estimates as well? !


Is this your snake? I see spider and sugar for sure, maybe pastel and yellowbelly? Or something that reduces pattern like enchi. Hard to tell without knowing the parents. Another option is orange dream.

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No, it’s not. I found the picture online and I love the colors and would love to find a snake that’s similar if it’s within my price range.

I found the picture here: but since it’s a Pinterest pin, I’ve been trying to get to the website for a while but it doesn’t seem to work.

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It isn’t a pied or a pinstripe. I am going to assume someone stole the picture and didn’t know the combo so they just winged it.


That’s a Campfire Ball Python, produced by RL Exotics.

Not sure he’s disclosed the genes or released any for sale yet.

Beautiful animals :heart_eyes:


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