Help my Leo won’t eat!

I have a young female leopard gecko who is about 6 months old and has gone completely off food! She won’t eat mealworms, or small crickets she is losing weight and I don’t know what to do. She is in a ten gallon with the heat pad thermostat in set at 90 degrees. She use to eat meal worms and crickets but now acts as if they are not there. She is also on paper towels.

Your best bet is to get a fecal done at a vet to see if there issues with parasites. You can also have a crypto test run too. Losing weight is a bad sign that needs to have a vet involved ASAP.

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Do you tong feed? Have you tried any other food besides what you’ve offered? Wax worms, dubia roaches, silk worms?

Regardless, I would take her to an experienced exotic vet. If you are able.

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Don’t offer wax worms. They have no real nutritional value and are just sacks of fat. The last thing you want is a gecko hooked on them. Black soldier fly larvae, silkworms, small hornworms, and dubias are the best feeders. Mealworms are mostly fat and chitin and a bad staple diet. Superworms are mostly chitin and also bad for leos due to the high amount of chitin (can be hard to digest). Crickets are ok but can carry parasites more often than most other bugs and also can’t be left in with a gecko.

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I agree- not eating is a dire situation for a leo only 6 months old. If she’s actually losing weight instead of growing, the situation is urgent.

Find a reptile vet here

I have been leaving mealworms in her tank and last night she ate a few large (for her size) crickets.

Hopefully she’ll get herself right back to health! Just make sure you don’t leave uneaten crickets loose in the tank.

Of course I left them in for about 15 minutes and once she seemed like she was ignoring I took them out.

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