Help! My snake broke a toothy

Going to two week ago when I wanted to feed my ball pythons one came flying out of his terrarium and he got my finger. Out of reflex I pulled my hand back and he let loose. I know I shouldn’t have pulled my hand but it all went so quick that I pulled back before I even realised what happened. It all didn’t look to bad. After some confusion he ate his meal and the next days he was doing his business as usual.

But after a few days my finger really started swelling and I found a tooth in my finger. So I’m really worried about him now. So I really like to know how big the chance that it will get infected? And if it does, how long does it usually take before problems start. Is it straight in the beginning or weeks after when his new tooth is growing before you can see something? I know that you can check a snakes mouth with a card but I don’t want to bother him to much. Or to make the question short. How long does the risk stay of him getting an infection ?

The many times editing shows I shouldn’t write a post when I should be sleeping :sweat_smile:

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You can never tell, I have had several snakes breaking a tooth on my knuckles without issue and on that did get infected and had to be treated with antibiotics.

All you can do is wait and see and and watch for swelling over the next couple of weeks.


Years ago one of my corn snakes bit the back of my hand & broke a tooth off in one of my knuckles. I had the vet look at him a few days later specifically to check for damage in his mouth. One of the things she said was to look out for inflammation but that odds were the snake would grow back that single tooth without any issues. No mouth rot or other infection issues developed (for either of us, my hand was fine).