Help Naming New Project

Need assistance naming what I believe to be a line bred trait. Trying to choose between Stonewashed or Purple Haze and haven’t found either being used with Boas. Told Stonewashed already used but only see that with carpet pythons.

Either describes these traits but and this genetic line also produces what I coined Candy Cane back in 2010 and was produced again this year. I’ll provide pics on that later.


Original Candy Cane


Offspring of that Candy Cane which produced these Stonewashed/Purple Haze.


This season’s Candy Canes from the offspring of the male that produced the Stonewashed/Purple Haze. White background but not the deep red lipstick sunglow saddles


As with all polygenic names, things can get difficult, I have heard of stonewashed pastels so at least at one point someone has used that but i couldnt pull up any references myself. Im sure someone could.
Just keep reproducing your project and show the world it can be replicated over and over again and keep selling animals that look like the trait. More and more people will have it in their collections and what ever you name it will be attached to your brand.


Also on a side note, its really important when making new lines to separate it from combos and show what makes it different in its common form/normal. Sunglow motleys especially already have a ton of color and natural coraling and can vary a ton. So can sunglows (yours are definitely fantastic and can see where its going).

Ive been always joking about my “Mattstel sterlings” but its something ive been refining and have made some stunning normals with as well that really show what ive done outside the visual sterlings.


Lol I am definitely a fan of the tails that you make Matt.


Late at night I whisper in their ears " Youre actually a Mastail"


Thanks for the advise on how to name a project but not what I’m seeking. Not my first rodeo and bean at this since 2004. My quest is specifically with these two names. Don’t see them being used and in the past posting on Reptile Insider or Redtail or other forums got the names known. Now it’s a bunch of FB groups and trying to find my way around on how now names get stamped. Was away for a while.

Perhaps I’ll just pick one and start selling on MorphMarket . Already noticed another using Sherbet even though I coined that in 2013. Would be nice if there was a registry. Beyond just putting things for sale since these projects often take years to establish before any are placed for others to keep.


My advice here relates to how you choose either of those.

If youre sure then go with you want. Gain traction with the qaulity and people will forget when other people tried those names as they don’t sound like any relevant projects I’ve heard of that are still active. You did say you believe its a line bred trait but what does that mean? I wouldnt try to name something Im not sure of.

Are you naming them just to have a new name or naming them something related to what they are? Stonewashed sounds completely different than purple haze.

Im still interested in seeing your project outside the albinos to see your total vision is bc it looks really nice.


Traditionally. First to name something now owns that name. Regardless if it’s still being worked. I’m sticking to that and why I’m trying to first determine if any others using either name. In the past that was easily understood by just visiting Reptile Insider. Not sure about today.

As for which best fits. That’s the problem. Both do. Plus this line also produces Candy Canes. Still working out the genetics and that’s since 2010. The path is never quick or easy.

Was hoping to get a consensus on what name in this specific look most liked but didn’t get the traction I was hoping for. I guess I’ll just pick or might go with Stonewashed and those having the stringer purples being Purple Haze. Kind of like Stars & Stripes with Leopards.

Yeah this post was left without many responses for what ever reason. I think its because in the boa world as of late, people dont go crazy naming lines like lets say we did in the early 2000s or like ball python people do every time they think they have something new. New lines only really take off after many generations and put into many morphs. Many people just dont stick around long enough to make their lines a thing or dont produce enough to make the name popular/a household name like lipstick or coral. I get what youre saying about nameing something first, but if the line died or never went anywhere, the line was never really there to begin with. Look at RC pastels, they are in almost every morph and consistently produce the same look and tons of people have them. Then it would just be silly for someone else to take a line and call it RC. Stonewashed though I Want to say was a line of anery but I dont see them anymore so i wouldnt see the issue making it into an albino line.

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But who coined there’s Stonewashed. Friend told me at Daytona but I forgot and can’t search it. Just come up with Carpets. Oddly, my line has anery from the matriarch and I’m wondering if that’s part of the influence but proving that next to impossible. Just know I’ve now produced several and from both the original male and his offspring. Acts just like Coral and Lipstick and why I believe it’s polygenic but only more trials will prove that out.

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