Help needed from Ball Python experts

Has anyone seen anything like this before? It is not a swelling from a live feed bite (he eats FT) and there is no abrasion to skin or scales, it looks like a small bubble filled with fluid under the skin. It is fairly soft and moveable (I.e. not attached to the skin).
It is on the neck of a juvenile banana Enchi that was adopted from a first time breeder not purchased on here.
If anyone has any idea what I’m dealing with please let me know, it doesn’t seem to bother him and he is eating and moving completely normally.

Are you sure it is fluid or does it feel solid?

In some cases when a bite occurs an abscess (caseous pus) will for, obviously if this is what it is (and I have not examined the animal in person so I can’t say) it will need to be excised and removed not just drained. The pus and pocket need to be removed.


Hi - thanks so much for the input! the confusing thing is that there is no bite, puncture or any other wound or abrasion on the skin and these babies have never been fed live!
The “bubble” of what looks like clear fluid is under the skin but not attached to the skin… the skin moves freely over it!

Than it’s something else that needs to be check by a vet.

Also keep in mind that many abscess do not develop over night and take weeks before appearing so depending on how long you have had that animal and what it was fed before it is still a possibility.