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Hello everyone,

Been keeping cresties for a couple years and recently added a couple juveniles to my collection. I noticed that over the past week, one was acting stiff and walking funny, so I turned her over and I noticed that her feet are red and sore. It looks like the skin has been rubbed raw and it seems walking is painful for her.

I’ve been giving her antibiotics just in case it’s an infection and disinfecting her wounds. Was wondering if anyone else has run into a similar problem and if there is more I can do?

It’s really hard to take images because I don’t want to cause her anyone more discomfort or pain — any help is appreciated

Pictures will be needed to see and try to help if you can get some…

Have you taken her to vets?

If they are giving her antibiotics, I would hope so. If not then :grimacing:

This is why I’m asking as vet hasn’t been mentioned and antibiotics just incase. Kind of threw me a little.

Is it possible the Crestie has burnt feet? Do you have any heat source or light in the enclosure?

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I will post pictures very soon.

In terms of the antibiotics: I have a mild, over-the-counter reptile antibiotics prescribed by a reptile vet to me in case of emergencies. I have not been able to set an appointment for her to be seen within a reasonable timeframe because the vet is the only exotic approved one within 50 miles of me, but the nurse said that just in case it is bacteria, it will be safe if given to her. I’ve administered this medication plenty of times over the years and understand how much/how to do so. The topical medication was also approved by a vet and is a reptile safe disinfectant.


  • This was as good of an image as I could get, apologies for the mess in the images. Had to use a piece of clear plastic and the bottom was hard to clean. As you can clearly see, her feet are pinkish and in some parts, they are white like a wound. I do not have heating atm as summer has been too hot already. Only have UV lights well above the enclosures.

**It’s worth mentioning that she has stuck shed

That looks like blisters. Has she got stuck shed on her feet?

Antibiotics are not going to help if you don’t know what’s wrong. You should’ve be giving her any without her being Seen.

Defo take her to the vets, and asap incase it gets infected.

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Is there any chance she has burnt herself on anything in the enclosure?

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No, there isn’t any heating/light sources anywhere near her for her to get burned.

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In a case like this I do think a visit to the vet is necessary, as soon as you are able. She may have a congenital problem that’s causing this and a reptile vet is your best vet to identify something like that (aside from maybe a massive crestie breeder), and definitely your best bet to save her.

They can take swabs of the sores and look at them under a scope. If bacteria, they can have culture & sensitivity run to see what treatment would help the most. A wide-spectrum antibiotic used frequently within a crested gecko colony is just asking to create resistance, and that would be a nightmare, so judicious use of antibiotics is a must.

Until she is seen I would keep her in quarantine away from the others, especially if you have bioactive enclosures.


Makes sense as I’d expect the fingers to be blistered also.

I’d recommend a vet asap and quarantine her

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Haha you beat me at answering lol