Help needed with morphs and genetics

Hi all, I have these two little hatchlings which I would like some one to help me in telling me what morphs they are. Pairing was a Champagne Banana Male x Albino Lemon Blast Female. Not sure if they have anything else that I do not know about.
Thanks in advance…


Wow these are smoking! Welcome to the community ! Do you know the sex of them? Would help with banana. And do you have pictures of the adult pair? Really looks like you have butter/lesser going on.


Banana Champ Pin for sure… Not sure on the Pastel but inclined to say no

Champagne Pinstripes I’ve hatched don’t have such a pronounced dorsal strip. They tend to be more patternless. You get the strong dorsal from butter/lesser. There is no pastel there I agree on that. Also agree on banana.

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The dorsal is “artificially” pronounced because of the pigmentation differential that is conveyed by Banana


Thanks. I am really excited because this is my first ever ball python clutch. I do not know the sex of them at the moment. I suppose when they shed I could check.
I’ll see if I can take some good pics of the parents and post them on here. I do not have pics of them yet.
What I would like to add on her are the other two hatchlings because they have come out completely different from these two.