Help on id this female?

Little info was given to me when i bought her on craigslist. She was sold to me as calico pinstripe but im stuck on kingspin, queenspin, please help me identify this morph thank you

Also she seems to be getting darker


I’m no expert by any means, but I could see her being a Calico Spinner Blast.

The white walls make me think calico. The reduction, but uniformity in pattern signals spinner. Pastel is brightening everything up and you stated that she is darkening up some, which lends itself to a gene like pastel.

Someone with more experience, please jump in and correct me. :grin:


Yeah she has beautiful green eyes with orange hues and shes also developing grey scales at the base and up along the sides. I was thinking lesser enchi spinner. Wich is in essence i believe might be the kingspin according to my own research (also just started learning about morphs so correct me if im wrong) shes currently going through a shed cycle so after she sheds i will post a pic. Just trying to figure out her morph i want to breed her to a banana as my very first project


To me, there is too much pattern for Enchi to be present. I could see Lesser, possibly. Regardless, I’m by no means an expert on identifying phenotypic traits.

Banana is a strong, solid, incomplete dominate trait to introduce to whatever melting pot of genetics your girl has going on - best of luck!


No calico. Spinner blast with a BEL gene. I couldn’t say for sure which one.


Awesome thank you for your time ! i take it enchi either reduces or fades the pattern? When i first got her, her colors were faded and after every shed so far her yellows have been getting brighter and the pattern is darker too. Im doing lots of research as she still has a bit of growing to do so if all goes to planned we will have our first cluth of bp eggs. Thanks again :call_me_hand:t4:


Awesome thanks for the comment. Maybe a butter spinner? I too ruled out the calico as she is getting yellow hues on the base of the body.


My guess would be Butter, Mocha, Russo, or Honey :joy:


@leo_og Hi, nice to see your first post, hope to see more. welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I’m not an expert either but that would be my guess. defiantly spider and lesser in the mix though.
Whatever it is its an awesome snake


Looks like spinner but not sure what else.

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After her shed shes been getting gray scales

After her shed compared to before she didnt have yellow on the base of the body and she has gray scales now

After the shed she has darker gray scales and yellows at the base of the body are darkening.

I’m thinking Special or Russo Spinner Blast

Maybe a mojave spinner blast? Im still leaning towards a kingspin wich is lesser enchi spinner. But you may also be right about the rusoo cause of the gray spots. Thanks for your comments btw apreciate your time.

Now Im confused. 6-64286_tag-question-cartoon-smiley-question-mark-emoji-face2
amazing looking though

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I don’t see enchi in that snake.


Yeah youre right. Well she’s currently 650 g so maybe shell get alot more gray scalesas she gets bigger. Have plans to breed her to a banana i aquired not to long ago.

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