Help please. Insects

Is it okay to list mealworms and superworms on MorphMarket ?
I have a ton I need to get rid of, I don’t see any listed on there, just different kinds of roaches and centipedes, isopods, springtails, centipedes and a few others.
I read in the rules what isn’t allowed and the only thing I saw that wasn’t allowed was a leopard gecko morph, lemon something. Can’t remember exactly what it was but I’m surprised no one has listed mealworms on here with as many animals there are that eat them.

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Yes, you can. Next time use the filters to look at sold items. Just because there are none listed now does not mean there are never any listed.

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Are we ok listing up food insects?

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While we don’t have a specific category for “feeders” on the market at this time, you are free to list insects in the Invertebrates category.

These are the current subcategories:

Anything that doesn’t fit in the above can go in: