Help! Possible Darwin respiratory issue!

Hello so I have a slight issue. First let’s start by saying I’ve kept various species of snakes for over 15 years and have come across respiratory issues before but nothing like this. So about a month ago I got a 1.1 pair of albino and get albino Darwin’s carpets from a very reputable carpet breeder. I received my snakes on time and they are stunners . But from the time I took the female out she had a slight wheeze only sometimes . I contacted the breeder let him know and we agreed on letting the snake settle a few weeks and seeing what happened ( he assured me he would make it right if it went wrong). Anyway here we are a month later she’s eaten twice shed once and she’s perfectly healthy , and yes her shed was one piece but she still has the slight wheeze . Is this normal has anyone see this in Darwin’s ? Also no bubbles , no neck inflates , no cheesey **** no smell no stretching her neck no anything besides this wheeze . I have a video I can send if it helps!!

Obviously the only way to rule it out for certain would be to have a culture done, however there are other things that can cause wheezing sounds similar to RI

Stuck shed and nasal cavity deformation.

I used to have an animal with the later (you could have never tell looking at her) and several people that had held her told me she had a RI, well she never did she just always had made that noise from the time she hatched.


As bad as it sounds I hope it just that and not a RI . Thanks for the help .