Help! respiratory infection

i just bought a new baby vieled chameleon , from a breeder ,it is my first chameleon but not my first reptile ,he is showing some signs of a respiratory infection such as for the first time today i saw him lifting his head in the air and yesterday he was opening his mouth for just a couple of seconds then would close it and he only did it for a couple of minuetes ,im worried about him but i dont know if those things are normal please help!!

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What is your enclosure setup like, temps and humidity? Some pictures of the chameleon and enclosure would help. I think it would be difficult for a baby chameleon to develop a RI in such a short period of time but I could be wrong.

16x16x30 exo terra repti breeze , he has lots of plants things to climb on and foliage and only some of the bottom is open ,he has a long uvb light that stretches all the way across the enclosure diagonally ,and a 60 watt night heat bulb for during the day ,hes in my room by a window and i mist him around 4 times throughout the day ,i feed him small,medium crickets dusted with calcium

What are the signs that he might be developing RI? I don’t think a chameleon opening its mouth would be a sign of it. I don’t have any chameleons nor do I know much about them but I’ll try to help the best I can.

hes been lifting his head into the air ,and i read that it could be to straighten his throat or something so he could breath better ,i could just be over reacting ,but other then that he looks good and is moving around and eating good

With unique reptiles like chameleons it is sometimes hard to diagnose problems with them since they rarely arise. Aside from messaging breeders and watching videos I don’t really know what else you can do. If you think there’s a problem then you should get him checked out at a reptile vet.

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