Help sexing emperor scorpion

Hey all,
I am trying to sex a scorpion, I suspect male. My problem is I was never taught how and Google has conflicting information, even saying the exact opposite for the same traits.
Provided is a picture of this pinchy friend’s belly. I suspect Male because I see an oval, not a circle with points/heart and the pectins are longer. Also, the body is on the slender side. I can try for better pictures if needed, it’s just a bit difficult to wrangle lol



This is so fascinating- reminds me of when I would sex my hermit crabs (though they don’t breed in captivity, last I checked). I hope you get an answer, this is cool stuff!


Mary Akers has successfully bred hermits in captivity! I tried posting a link to a tumblr post about it but it just posted the picture used in the post. Last I saw she was trying to work with ORA to get the babies sold


wow that’s incredible! i don’t want to go too off topic, but that is very cool! i definitely have to investigate further sometime soon. :crab:

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I can not think of many things I would enjoy less than attempting to sex a scorpion :scream:
I would need to be wearing welding gloves and a juggernaut suit :joy:

This is definitely a great post, I hope you get your answer and post some more on him/her.


Yep. It is a male. Asked a friend that is obsessed with scorpions (and has owned them) and he confirmed it. Males have long feathery pectine with and oval shaped knot and females have short pectine with a heart shaped knot. Or so he says, I don’t know a thing about em lol.


Thanks! Google literally has some of the same pictures with the opposite info lol

I know how you feel lol. This lil’ guy is super well behaved and his singer was tucked under and he doesn’t threat posture. Every snipper is different but emperors tend to be more docile. I wouldn’t be doing this with a forest scorpion lol