Help sexing my ball python

I am no expert at popping, I don’t know if I was putting enough pressure or not but could someone give me some advice? Does this look like a female or male? Was sold to me as a male.


The good news is I am happy to welcome you to the forum family! The bad news is I am not good with sexing snakes. However, on bps I think when you pop them you should be able to see some hemipenes? Little nubby things. And I don’t see any. That being said, a trip to a qualified reptile vet to have your snake probed would probably be best. Otherwise there are others here with lots of expertise on this subject who will respond I am sure.

Best of luck to you! :snake::blush:


If it actually is a female I made a good uneducated guess! Lol! :joy::upside_down_face::clap:


I appreciate the reply! Yes, your supposed to see them and I definitely don’t see any, also her tail is tapered and long. I can’t seem to find a vet that deals with snakes in my area, I want to try and probe but I definitely don’t want to hurt him/her. None the less, I appreciate the reply!


Hey that’s what we are here for. There is genetic testing available through MM. It’s called RGI (Rare Genetics Inc.) You can send in a shed from your snake to determine the sex of your snake. I’m trying to figure out how to provide the link for you but you may figure it out before me. Again it’s RGI


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@sinisterpythons the link is above


I would recommend not probing unless you have experience, it is easy to hurt a wiggly snake. Have you watched some YouTube videos of popping there are a ton of them for balls and it might offer some insight on how to do it properly. Of course from just the pics I don’t know if you are doing it wrong or right, but a easy mistake is to start too close to the vent on the tail side. You should start further down to give room when you roll your thumb towards the vent to actually pop out if male. You might just be holding them in place and just opening the vent. Just a suggestion.


This ^^ based off your thumb placement below the vent you are a little to high. Watch a few youtube videos before trying again. Word of caution don’t try to hard or to often to get the hemipens to invert you can do damage.


I truly appreciate the advice, I’m going to watch some more videos and try again next week.