Help Sexing My Western Hognose

Hello, I have had my Western Hognose for about 3 years now. It weighs about 90 grams. I was told when I got it, that it was a female. But, based on the size, I am worried that either its a male or I have been severely underfeeding her. Can you guys please help me?

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Size does not mean much especially since most people under feed their animals a hognose male or female should reach 50 to 75 grams in it first years, most do not.

A young hog has a high metabolism and should be fed every 3 to 4 days, than every 5 days than once a week, its important especially when the prey size is pinkies that are nothing but water and fat.

Based on the second and third picture I will say female.

Comparison for future reference


Looks female to me.

Why do you think she is so small then?

When she was a baby, I fed pinkies almost every 2-3 days because she was always hungry. For the past couple months, I would feed her 15 grams either by two fuzzys or hoppers. Iā€™m trying to get her to gain size.

How old and how much did she weigh when you got her, until what weight did you feed pinkies, at what weight did you start fuzzies and than hoppers?

I dont know how much she weighed when I got her. I was feeding 3 pinkys at a time a couple months ago.

The problem with pinkies is that there is no nutritional value to them (they are fat and water) and you would have been better off feeding a fuzzy vs multiple pinkies.

To give you an idea at 20/25 grams they usually start on fuzzies twice a week.

So not knowing the weight on arrival, but knowing that she is 3 years old, and that she was feeding on pinkies until fairly recently, her size reflect one of an animal that was not fed enough.

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Ok. Well I am feeding a hopper every 2/3 days. She is always hungry and poops every other day. I weighed her today and she is at 93 grams.